Friday, February 12, 2010

What the World Needs Now

This was too good not to share...

Here's the street sign the world needs now. Half a stop and half a yield, the sign gives each driver a clear indication of how to behave. Below the red "Take Turns" shield is a small sign reading, "If Cars Are Waiting, Please Stop and Alternate." And if there are no cars waiting, just blow on through. (No more stopping at red lights at 4am, on a country road, when there's no one around for miles.) 

Imagine a world where every street sign contains the word "Please."

1 comment:

  1. Interesting idea for sure. But what if someone whose first language might not be English interprets "turns" as a change in direction as opposed to a method of alternating? And "alternate" itself also has multiple meanings. (Often one does not have the time to stop and read the smaller text on a sign.)

    Currently yield is used in an area of lower traffic where almost equal amounts of traffic travel on two roads, but one may be more primary than the other. A stop sign would be used on the secondary road, and a yield sign would be used on the primary road. This allows the cars on the primary road to have right-of-way, but they will be aware that there may be cars turning frequently from the secondary road. However, with two of these signs at an intersection with poor visibility (slightly more urban/suburban neighborhoods), everyone with a sense of self-preservation would stop anyway to make sure there aren't cars trying to "blow on through" in the other direction. Probably helpful in areas where there's good visibility on the approach in all directions, though. Thanks for the share!