Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Finding Way

Slate has a great new article about signage design and the art of wayfinding (why can't we American's get it together?). I'm looking forward to the rest of the six part series. Attention New Yorkers: first up is Penn Station.

"Signage—the kind we see on city streets, in airports, on highways, in hospital corridors—is the most useful thing we pay no attention to. When it works well, it tells us where we are (as when an Interstate marker assures us we're on the right highway) and it helps us to get where we want to go (as when an airport banner directs us to our gate). When it fails, we miss trains, we're late to appointments, we spend hours pacing the indistinguishable floors of underground parking garages, muttering to ourselves in mounting frustration and fury. And in some cases, especially where automobiles are involved, the consequences of bad signage can be fatal."

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  1. Random but: did you see the animated short that won an Oscar last night?? Very cool!